About LSTQB:

Founded in 2007, the Latvian Software Testing Qualification Board (LSTQB) is a regional body dedicated to advancing the standards and practices of software testing within Latvia. Aligned with the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), LSTQB focuses on providing certification programs, professional development opportunities, and a collaborative platform for software testing professionals in Latvia. By promoting internationally recognized best practices, LSTQB aims to enhance the quality and efficiency of software testing processes across the Latvian IT industry. As a hub for education and certification, LSTQB serves as a vital resource for individuals seeking to strengthen their skills and contribute to the advancement of software quality assurance in Latvia.

Contact info:

Address: Latvian IT Cluster, Riga, Skolas iela 11, room #426, Latvia, LV-1010

Email: baltaisbrencis@istqb.org

Our team:

Girts Baltaisbrencis

One of founding members of LSTQB, president of LSTQB. Manages LSTQB – ISTQB – iSQI relations. Participates in ISTQB Processes, Management & Compliance Work Group (Process team), participates in testing and devops related activities in and outside of Latvia.

Martins Gills

One of founding members of LSTQB. Participates in ISTQB Processes, Management & Compliance Work Group (Audit team), performs testing-related training, engages into tester community-related projects in Latvia.

Jurijs Grigorjevs

One of the LSTQB cofounders, has life-long passion in quality engineering, active organiser of various events like TAPOST, Riga Test automation club, PTIG and others.

Janis Andersons

Jānis Andersons became a member of LSTQB in 2022, driven by a passion for Quality Assurance and a desire to involve new specialists in the field of QA.

Viktorija Osipova

LSTQB member, assigned to Glossary practice group, has 13+ years of QA experience in various industries and systems.

Janis Presis

18 years in Quality engineering, testing manager by nature, people manager by heart. ISTQB Foundation and Test manager enthusiast.

Davis Ozolins

A passionate QA Automation Specialist, on a mission to inspire others to join the dynamic realm of Quality Assurance. Emphasizes the importance of ISTQB standards and knowledge, advocating for a unified approach to software testing.